our journey

Founded as a service company catering to Telecoms, Engineering, Information Technology and Oil & Gas organizations.



Commenced operations in Nigeria through the sale of solar equipment to corporate and individual customers such as NNC (NAPIMS) and GTBank.

Secured partnership with Roxtec International AB, MP Bolagen Industries AB and Dwyer Instruments Incorporated. Commenced the supply of cables, pipes and other engineering products to customers in the engineering sector such as SPDC



Commenced the design and supply of cable trays, asset protection equipment and pipe entry systems. Started procurement and maintenance services.

Commenced services tailored to ebanking. These include deployment of power backup systems for ATM terminals (Emerson & Firefly) having secured partnership with Emerson and NorthStar batteries USA. Additionally, deployed Anti-Skimming Devices following partnership with TMD Security GMBH.



Commenced services on other equipment such as UPS, HPAC, HVAC, Power audit, Power clean up and general electrification.

A  subsidiary, Structured Energy Systems was incorporated.

Secured partnership with Dell Incorporated USA commencing the design and deployment of systems, server, disaster recovery and networking solutions