Industrial Inverters

The firefly TM an industrial grade inverter developed by SRBL designed for AC and DC applications to serve as a back-up solution for ATM terminals, critical equipment, data centres, large facilities, communication equipment


Industrial UPS

We source, deploy and maintain single and three-phased UPS systems for workstation, computers, network servers and data centres to ensure critical equipment and data center infrastructure remain up and running in the event of power outage.

AVR Solutions

We supply, install and maintain single and three-phased AC stabilizers and automatic voltage regulators. These stabilizers protect power equipment from brownouts and overvoltage and ensure a stable, undistorted mains supply for the vast majority of applications.

We deploy stabilizers and AVRs with capacity ranging from 1kVA to 1,000kVA.


Deep Cycle Batteries

Leveraging our partnership with two leading battery manufacturers, Amara Raja Batteries (India) and NorthStar Battery Company LLC (USA), we deploy, monitor and service a wide range of batteries for over 40 organizations across West Africa. Over the past 5 years, we have supplied, replaced and remotely monitored batteries for automation, stabilizers, uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and inverter charger systems.

As a value added service, we also design and install racks and cabinets for large size battery banks.

Power Audit and Clean up

Taking full advantage of our technical team, we execute comprehensive electrical site surveys, power audits and power cleanup exercises. These detailed technical services includes electrification, electrical system assessment, site rewiring, earthen works and lighting works.


Other Power Solutions

Voltage Optimisation Unit

Manages abnormally high input voltage to ensure optimal power consumption, preserve the lifespan of equipment and regulating the ownership cost of equipment.

MV/LV Power Distribution Assembly

We provide assemblies of a wide variety of applications for industrial facilities and shopping malls, Our MV LV solutions - including medium- voltage switchgear, ring main units and low voltage systems meet all various international standards and have been deployed at several clients across Nigeria.

Energy Saving Transformer

ESTs are tapped auto- transformer which reduces voltage by c.12%. At full load, the EST optimization delivers efficiency of 99% and energy savings of up to 20% can be realized.

Power and Distribution Transformers

We offer oil type dry type transformers, corrugated transformer, step-up and step- down. These equipment include 25kVA to 5000kVA Transformers with voltages from 3.3kV to 33kV – 3 phases, 50Hz in voltage power transformers (up to 315 MVA, 420kVA) and other equipment (CT, PT, Bushings) up to 420kV- Class A insulated with painting as per IS/IEC standards – Type tested from accredited labs).

UPS Maintenance Bypass Cabinet

Utilized for distribution, maintenance bypass and voltage transformation in one easy to implement cabinet. It is designed to allow the transfer of power to full system bypass to perform service, testing and maintenance without interrupting power to the critical load.

Circuit breakers

We provide circuit-breakers for indoor/ outdoor installations such as:

  • SF6 gas insulated circuit breaker OHBs,
  • vacuum circuit breaker
  • OVB-VBFs,
  • Air circuit breakers,
  • Hybrid switchgears