Powder and Bulk Material Measurement

We provide devices with native capability for computer-controlled measurement of the flow properties of powders and other bulk materials under representative operating conditions.  Important properties measured include cohesive strength, internal friction (particle-to-particle), wall friction (particle-to-wall), and compressibility (bulk density as a function of pressure).

Ultrasonic Switches and Transmitters

Ultrasonic switches and transmitters feature variable GAP technology for stable readings in the most challenging environments. These equipments make use of dynamic GAP (Gain, Amplitude and Power) technology to locate the correct echo during measurement.

HVAC Spare Parts & Consumables

We supply and install all types of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration) spares and consumables.

Pressure, Temperature and Continuous Level Measurement

We are a certified supplier of pressure, temperature and continuous level measurement instruments such as air velocity equipment, flow level measuring equipment, air quality measuring equipment, differential pressure measuring equipment, manometers, single pressure gauges, remote displays and other pressure instrument accessories.

Lightning Protection

We offer a range of lightning protection equipment that ensure destructive power of lightning strikes is carried safely into the ground. Our protection systems leave structures, their contents and their occupants unharmed in the event of strikes. Our protection system consists of  5 elements such as:

  • Air terminals (lightning rods)
  • Conductors (special braided metal cables)
  • Bonding connections to metallic bodies
  • Ground terminations
  • Surge suppression

Flow Meter and Valves

Our product line of valves include solenoid valves, gate valves, needle valves and globe valves.

We also provide clients with sensors that indicate flow rate such as dials, in-line, orifice plate, totalizers, ultrasonic, variable area, with switch output and venturi sensors.

Process and Dust Control Equipment

We offer a wide range of process and dust control equipment. Our clients usually require the following vacuum systems:

  • pneumatic vacuum
  • compressed air-powered vacuum
  • static conductive pneumatic vacuum