Cable Management and Asset Protection Services

Our distribution and service network of affiliated companies across sub-saharan Africa remain unmatched in the industry. 

Cable Management and Asset
Protection Services

The cables used by organizations and telecommunication industries are expensive. It is imperative that after making such huge investments, measures must be put in place to manage the cable and protect the asset. 

We provide equipment and systems that protect both the people and investment from risks.

Structured Resource - who we are

Our Cable Management and Asset Protection Services

Structured Resource Services - cable and pipe routing and rodent protection
Cable and Pipe Routing and Rodent Protection
Structured Resource Services - Technology Services
Structured Cabling System and Tray
Structured Resource Services - general maintenance
General Maintenance
Structured Resource Services - insulation equipment
Insulation Equipment
Structured Resource Services - hazardous areas equipments
Hazardous Area Equipment (blowers)

Our power solutions are designed and optimized for your needs