Power Services

Our distribution and service network of affiliated companies across sub-saharan Africa remain unmatched in the industry. 

Power Services

Power is a very important factor in the operations of your organization and we have made it our priority to give you control over grid power use. We design and build power systems that reduce your operating cost and optimize energy usage. 

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Our Power Services

Our Power Services can be grouped into two (2) broad categories

Power Transmission and Distribution Services

Structured Resource Products -Torque
Power Transmission and Distribution Services
Structured Resource Products -valve
Off Grid Power Services

Power Transmission and Distribution Services

Energy Saving Transformers (ESTs)

ESTs are tapped auto- transformer which reduces voltage by c.12%. At full load, the EST optimization delivers efficiency of 99% and energy savings of up to 20% can be realized.

Structured Resource Products - power distribution transformers
Power and Distribution Transformers
Structured Resource Products - ml, lv power distribution assembly
MV/LV Power Distribution Assembly
Voltage Optimization Unit

Our voltage optimization unit manages abnormally high input voltage to ensure optimal power consumption, preserve the lifespan of equipment and regulating the ownership cost of equipment.

Structured Resource Products - ups maintenance bypass cabinet
UPS Maintenance Bypass System

Structured Resource Products - circuit breakers
Circuit Breakers

Off Grid Power Services

Structured Resource Products -industrial inverters
Industrial inverters
Structured Resource Products -industrial ups
Industrial UPS
Structured Resource Services - avr solutions
AVR Solutions
Structured Resource Products - deep cycle batteries
Deep Cycle Batteries

Our power solutions are designed and optimized for your needs